Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy Belated Halloweenie! Just for waiting, I have given you extra photos! Emily had a great time. She really got the whole concept of knocking, greeting "Trick or treat candy please" and voila...Candy...in my bag...from neighbors...just for me...just for being cute! "I love Halloween, I love candy...you love candy too mommy? you too daddy? I loooove it sooo much" She was too much. Very talkative and nosey. I do not know where she gets that from. She tried to get into so many houses to take a look see, but was not very successful. I'll work on that a little more.
Emily also enjoyed giving out the candy almost as much. She did not hesitate one instant before dropping beloved choclates into the little bags. What a trooper. She got to eat a few things before bed. It was the least we could do for all her efforts. First thing in the morning she went right for her bag and wanted to look at her loot. Then she wanted it for breakfast. We still have lots left. She gets a little too BUSY for my liking after all the chocolate.
She really had a terrific time being a butterfly and we enjoyed every minute of her metamorphosis! For my next surprise I'll show you a few caterpillars and a chrysallis that I have captured, I mean that I am raising. I started with one chrysallis and 4 caterpillars. Now I have one caterpillar and 4 chrysallisisisisisisis! They're coming along nicely in their custom habitat that was made by moi! I'll give you instructions. It involves tupperware and a food net/cover thingy. Really lovely. I'll have to remember not to reuse it for the holidays.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Day

Two years ago today, Bill and I were in China waiting to meet our precious baby girl for the first time. We awoke that morning anxious and excited about what was about to happen. We could not wait to finally hold our baby daughter. Our daughter. We waited so long to say those words. We held her close in our hearts and stared at her picture just waiting for this day to finally meet her.
We imagined Emily awoke expecting her usual day in the orphanage. Dress, wash, eat and spend the day with her group home friends and nannies. Little did she know that she would be taking a VERY long train ride to meet us. To meet the two strange Americans that she would come to live with and call mommy and daddy. To change her life forever.
The day we became a family was very emotional for all of us. When I think back on it I still get that same feeling deep in my soul. We all cried and Bill and I prayed we could comfort and heal her breaking heart.
Fast forward to two years later. Emily is everything we had ever hoped and prayed for. She is happy and healthy and has the best sense of humor ever. She loves for all of us to be together. She loves saying that we are a family. She loves to laugh, kiss and hug. She loves music and instuments and dancing. She has the most expressive little face and is a terrific tiny actress. She is a joy to watch.
Emily is curious and sensitive. She is caring and mischievious. She is smart and thoughtful. She is kind and gentle. This little wonder chats up a storm with strangers in the market. "Hi, whatareyoudoinhereallbyyourself". Emily proudly introduces us to everyone as "these are my friends mommy and daddy". We love her strawberry milk breath. We love that she loves chocolate and bacon and french fries. We love that she loves animals and insects and nature. We love that she loves us.
Emily fills our hearts and souls with a love that is deep and pure. She is our daughter. The light of our lives and the beat of our hearts. Emily was a butterfly for Halloween. A fitting choice for our amazing little caterpillar from two years ago. She has blossomed into our very beautiful butterfly. Happy Family Day Emily. We love you Emily Rose. Forever and ever.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Merci beaucoup!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008