Monday, June 30, 2008

The CaCa-dile Hunter

Emily is really a sweet little girly-girl. See how sweet and pretty and girly-girly-ee she is ! Emily has another side. It is a little on the dark side. A small profession she has after supper. She likes to do this with daddy . I'm glad she has chosen him to help her with this detail work.She enjoys going on this little hunt with daddy and has asked me to photograph her finds so "mimi can see dat peeshure". Here is what she and daddy get on their hunt in the backyard.

I know, I know. That's pretty gross. But she likes to have chores, and this little beauty is one she particularly enjoys. When Bill comes in from work she gives him the run down. "Atta we eat daddy get shobel and mimi and daddy go find Nina's caca-kaaaaay?" (Nina is our dog, not a kid or housekeeper or gardener, our dog.) Honestly though she is a sweet little girly-girl. I have the pictures to prove it.

At breakfast Sunday morning, Bill made blueberry pancakes and sausages. We always make smiley faces with whipped cream on her pancakes . While she was eating she stopped and says" mommy (while pointing at the little brown sausage) that not caca, that not Nina caca." We cracked up, "no baby that's not caca on your plate, that's sausage." " dat sausg meat, mimi eat dat, caca not food, sausg meat food." Poor little girl thinks we'll put "caca" on her plate. I think we'll stick with bacon from now on!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I not happy. Oh honey, why are you not happy? I sad. Aaaw, why are you sad. Mimi bedda now! She loves this little game. Sometimes when she says she is sad she says "wanna cuddu (cuddle) now." Can't say that we don't like it! That little face is her practicing her "sad", but couldn't take the pop out of her mouth.

Another favorite of Emily's is...usually while we are eating she likes to see what we have in our plates. The she says " Mimi have dat". We always let her try and she always comes back with "I can't like it mommy". We think that's a very polite way of saying "whoa, that sucks mom!" We think that can work with just about anything. I'm gonna try it when people rub me the wrong way. Sorry, I can't like you! I tried, but I just can't.

And this my friends is the look of annoyance. Enough with the pictures already. If you happen to get that look...stand clear.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Can't

Is "I can't" better than "no"? Emily can you please peepee in the potty? A "no" would be okay with me. Not so with our chatterbox. Her response, " Carol I can't, not now, maybe atta, atta I watch Einsteins, no panties now...kaaaaay?" Pretty thorough respose eh. I do have a little model strut of her in her new panties...

Cute huh. How about this little gem...Wanna buy a used car?

She just puuuuulls you in and before you know it we've left the store with books and toys and candies and the lady from the checkout will be over at six for snacks. That is what she does.

This smile is the reason she gets to stay up later than we think she should. Keep quiet, you know you would too! Our smart little sweetie also knows what she wants in life. With her birthday money she has let me know that she wants a "yadder". While she was eating breakfast she said "mommy?" I said "yes Mimi". She says "I need a "yadder". I said "what do you need a ladder for? To climb?" "Yes, mommy, yes!" "What do you need to climb for Emily?" "To reach it mommy, I need to reach it." Well yes you do sweetie! She replies " I need a bue yadder." We'll get right on that babygirl! She really deserves all the colors we can find.
*camel not actual size shown

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthday Princess

Just a couple of pictures of the Birthday Festivities! She had a ball. " I yove a bertday"! "I yove ba-yoons, a red one a bue one a purpa one a byack one-I yove awl-um"! She twirled and jumped and loved her "rockashit cake".

She wore her crown regally, her giant necklace but not her earrings! She said " I can't yike that eawings", atta I eat cake I wear dat". She didn't though. She looked so beautiful and soooo happy. She just about made us burst just watching her joy.

We cannot believe she is three already. We already want her to slow down. Thanks to everyone for the cards and the gifts. We wish you could have been here to see how happy she was(and still is).
Now for the bedtime ritual-IT'S LOOOOONG!
All this takes place after her door is closed and we are on our way downstairs!
Mimi: goodnight mommy
mommy: goodnight Emily
Mimi: seeya atta mommy
mommy: see you after Emily
Mimi: see you nes time
mommy: I'll see you next time Emily
Mimi: see you norming mommy
Mommy: see you in the morning Emily
Mimi: luv you
mommy: I love you too Emily
Mimi: goodnight daddy
daddy: goodnight Emily
Mimi: seeya atta daddy
daddy: see you after Emily
Mimi: see you nes time daddy
daddy: I'll see you next time Emily
Mimi: see you norming daddy
daddy: see you in the morning Emily
Mimi: luv you
daddy: love you too Emily
God forbid we stray from this script. We will have to start all over! THIS IS E V E R Y N I G H T!

Then, every "norming" she wakes up singing! She is a sweet sweet babygirl. Our Emily Rose! "hap bertday youyou, hap bertday youyou, hap bertday mimi, mommy daddy, hap bertday youyou"

She doesn't like to leave us out-ever.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Horror

This beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, caring little darling, whom we lovingly refer to as Mimi, who kisses a piece of scotch tape before she puts it on my boo boos, has been a tad of a pest lately. Okay, make that a screaming little tyrant. Mimi has a favorite cd called *Jack's big music show*. Actually it's the soundtrack from the TV show on Noggin. She luuuuurves this cd. And, she longingly refers to the main character a "bubby jack". She always naps and falls asleep to this at night-so sweet. Alas, poor mommy and daddy-"bubby jack is brokinged"-there will be no sleeping in this house EVER! Do you hear me, can you see and feel my sadness, look at these tears and oh my, the heartache is just too much for a nearly-three-year-old to bare. How can you two possibly even begin to be sleepy when there is no music. The day the music died is one Bill and I will not soon forget.

This little nugget of a cd is not available in ANY stores. I searched on-line all day long. I found one-I can get expedited shipping-we're saved-oh blessed, blessed sleep will come. For approximately eleventy billion dollars I could have it on Tuesday! Lo and behold they lied-I could have it approximately JUNE NINETEENTH! Wait I'll pay another eleventy billion-please may I have that little morsel of music? NO MUSIC FOR YOU!

All is not lost. I found another. I ordered TWO. They will be arriving TODAY. I am going to give the *UPS* driver a massage when he brings the drugs, er, I mean the cds. I am closely tracking the package on their website. It's about 30 minutes away. Oh "bubby jack", I miss you so. We want our sweet little Miss Mimi back. That little tid-bit is why there have been no posts.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo

So, the monkeys stand for honesty, giraffes are insincere, and the elephants are kindly but they're dumb. Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages and the zookeeper is very fond of rum...

We had planned on the zoo for Memorial Day, got dressed, got mimi cutified and off we went. When we got there the line was Way. Too. Long. Admission was free that day and every mother, father, their 10 children and anyone who lived in the Houston area was in line that day. We told Emily we couldn't find the zoo. Soo sad.

On the way home, we passed a field that had horses and cows. I yelled to Emily, "look mimi, we found it. There's the animals". Poor little darling says "yeah, daddy found it, daddy find the zoo for mimi"! Soo sad-er. We didn't want to disappoint her-so instead we lied. Nice parents huh?

To ice the cake we stopped at the market and bought her a ba-yoon...and candy...and cake. Then when we got home Emily says " tanks daddy tanks mommy for finding the zoo". Oh you're so welcome honey. We'll go again tomorrow. "Yeah, we find the zoo agin tomorrow, tanks". We suck.

On Tuesday. We went to the zoo. A-gin! She loved it! The rafs, zebas, eppints, moonkeys-all of it. She was a very happy girl. We don't suck. Not badly just a little. Oh, and they don't sell ba-yoons at the zoo! Animal safety. Animal safety, animal schmafety I say. IT'S CHILDREN. AT THE ZOO. FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! For her birthday she is getting lots of ba-yoons!