Friday, October 16, 2009

We Got One

I came across this photo:BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photos This was taken after we took "the oath" in China. Check out the look on our faces. "We got one. Run before they change their minds." We did not realize we weren't allowed to take photos in front of The Chinese Embassy and a Policeman was very stearnly telling our travel friends "NO PICTURE, GO NOW!" Too funny when we look back. Not so much when we were there!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Help me Rhonda

Deluxe Ni Hao Kai-Lan Halloween Costume - Child Size Small - Buyseasons - Toys "R" Us Click the link to see what our BEAUTIFUL CHINESE LITTLE GIRL wants to be for Halloween. I'd rather she wanted to be a piece of head cheese. Thank God we still have time to for her to change her mind. Don't we?
The thing that really gets me is that she knows she is Chinese yet she wants to be a CARTOON CHARACTER of a LITTLE CHINESE GIRL! Don't get me wrong Kai-lan is adorable, but this costume is hideous! I really think they will sell out though. (wink wink)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cliff Notes

Bill and I often discuss how we will talk to Emily about her adoption and about the birds and the bees. Such delicate subjects to bring up and talk about openly and honestly. We want Emily to feel comfortable asking us about EVERYTHING without us getting all squirmy. Well, it seems as though it was all for naught. We have accomplished both within the last two weeks. Here is how we survived the talks.
While eating supper we usually have the TV off and just some soft background music on. You know, to promote communication and all that stuff. Well Emily wanted to talk about opposites. Okey dokey! She starts with "what is the opposite of off?" We say "on!" Then "what is the opposite of over?" We say "under!" It goes on for awhile...opposite of in, light, top, etc. Then she throws in "what is the opposite of BANG?" Huh??? Bill and I reply at the exact same time--Bill says "celibacy" and I say "abstinence". T-riffic, sex talk done!!! Glad that's over. Not nearly as hard as we thought it would be.
Next. Emily likes to hear about her adoption story. She loves us to say how much we prayed to God for a sweet baby girl. She loves to repeat back "my China mom and dad could not take care of me so I needed a new real mom and dad(her words). So God said I have a sweet baby girl for you. She needs a mommy and a daddy to take care of her and to love her. And you need a baby daughter to love and take care of. So he made us a happy family forever." She loves, loves, loves to hear this over and over!!! Recently, she cut out a few details and repeated this story to us. "once upon a time there was a mommy and a daddy who needed a baby girl and I was in China and I needed a mommy and daddy and you came to China and God said I SPY AN EMILY here you go here is your baby daughter." We just about died laughing. Another milestone. And to think we were worried. We'll have to let other adoptive families know how easy that was!
Now onto something entirely different. We were watching the Wizard of Oz the other day. Sometimes Emily likes it, sometimes not so much. Depends on how much WITCH she can take. You all will probably have to watch the movie very closely because we totally would have missed it if she hadn't pointed it out. When the house lands on top of the witch and her legs curl up and suddenly disappear under the house-this is the part-watch carefully next time. Emily says "oh that poor ZEBRA the house squasheded him poor thing!" Bwahahahahahaha! And you thought there were only flying monkeys in that movie! Pshaw!
At four years old, she continues to amaze and inspire us. Baby love. Nothing better.