Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missy Style

Emily has style. Apparently I do not. Emily likes to play "fashion girls" with daddy. These "fashion girls" are tiny Barbie's dressed like little tramps. We got them in her Happy Meals. (We only feed her all natural organic foods.) Because we care about our diets here. Daddy seems to know all the right things to say and do while interacting with Emily and the "girls". She has already told me that I can't play the "fashion girls" yet. She said daddy needs to teach me. Okay daddy, I'm ready to learn your "fashion girl" tips.
Don't feel bad for me. She thinks I sing and dance lovely. Thankfully this talent has come in very handy. We listen to the same twelve Christmas Carols. All. Day. Long. We can't just sing along, dancing is a requirement. She knows almost all the words to every one of the songs. She also has the beat down too. Quite talented this little fashionista. She did tell me that I have to teach daddy how to dance though. He's not quite up to par with me when it comes to singing and dancing to "Jungle Boogie". C'mon daddy, we can teach you.


Jen on the Edge said...

Oh my, that's quite the little fashionista you have there.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my ... Miss Emily certain has a certain flair for putting an outfit together, doesn't she? She's a little young, but I think I see tendency toward a future "artiste", no? Call me partial, but that is one adorable little girl! "Jungle Boogie" huh? I can picture it so clearly in my mind -- Mommy dancing around, shoulder slumped, hands jivin', moving to and fro -- I remember the parties:) Love, Aunt Pauline & Uncle David xoxo