Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunrise Sunset

July 2007
Where has our baby gone. Look at how all her baby-ness has been shed. She is a little girl!!! She has changed right before our eyes-literally! We can't believe she is FOUR already. Make it stop.
Some things she has said lately:
1. Oh my God, I think I'm in trouble! (as she reached the top of a rope ladder and couldn't quite make the leap over)
2. Good night you both! (heard on the monitor at bedtime)
3. Oh good lord, who's gonna clean this mess. (surveying her playtime mess)
4. You stay in the kitchen mommy I'm gonna do my bills.
5. I'm too tired for sleep I think I need new batteries.
6. Can I have some coffee please?
7. I think I need a cuddle.
She says so many cute things and sometimes things she shouldn't say. We have to stifle our laughs lots of times! She was having a time out this week, she really doesn't care for them, and she tries to bargain her way out. She's at the table and we were right by her side in the kitchen telling her she cannot be fresh. So she says, "I'm sorry mommy. Okay? You're a genius!" She knows exactly what she's doing.
Emily 3,578 Mom and Dad 0


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Bill & Emily. Our little Miss Emily has certainly come a long way. When you see photos side by side 2 years apart, the differences are very apparent. She is still a cutie though. Would you ask Emily if I send her my bills, would she pay them for me please? I'll be happy to help her over the top of the rope ladder in exchange. I cannot believe the things that come out of her mouth (although I think I might know where she may get some of them). I was telling David this morning about her day at school and mentioned how Emily told you two to go home and come back later ... he laughed and said she is adorable (and you guys know that David doesn't pull punches when it comes to giving out compliments). We do love that little girl & can't wait to celebrate #5! Love to All, Pauline & David

Dee said...

Hey Carol - I was so glad to find your blog and catch up with little miss E. My how she has grown!

Liz said...

She's just precious!

Jen on the Edge said...

"Oh good lord, who's gonna clean this mess."

That is hilarious!

Alyson & Ford said...

Catching up on your news; she is so cute and yes, they grow up so fast!
Have a great weekend!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eleven Months

Terry said...
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Terry said...
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