Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There's something about Emily

Here are some things she would like us to know. When she is seventeen, she will have a Hello Kitty cake. She wants to get married at least once a week because she wants a husband. When she is a mommy she can touch dangerous things. (stove, knives, etc.) Maybe she will like "muscle sprouts" with candy cane sprinkles. She is saving all her clothes for her children. She will have my computer when she is bigger. She loves my "eyenashes". She likes "cheese you can cut". It's on her Christmas list. No Kraft singles for this girl. Strictly aged parmesan, asiago or a nice Jarlsberg. When daddy comes back from "Germy" (Germany)we can make a Christmas tree. Do parents have to wear panties? Her imaginary friend "Nick" is now joined by another named "Person". hehe. Emily is wise and wonderful and beautiful. She is kind and compassionate and oh so sensitive. She is precious and knows how to push our buttons. She has the best sense of humor in all the land. She uses words such as: typical, fabulous, gentle, sensational, colorful and probably. She uses phrases such as: "What in the nation is going on?" "Nina, you are on my nerves." "Mommy don't make me the mood." To the doctor, "I am never coming here again!" And, this little gem "Daddy, this is pissing me off." Ooops on that one. She knows it's wrong though because she always turns to say "is that a bad word?" ~snicker, snicker~ Oh and this song "Five golden rings, six ladies dancing, five eating ducks, four ladies dancing,three ladies dancing, two turtle ducks and a partreeeet in a partreeet!" She is trying to be on her best behavior because Santa is coming. We have a list of Emily Nice and Emily Naughty. When she uses her manners, listens well, eats her meals etc., she gets a star. When she forgets her manners, talks fresh or is not nice to the pets, she gets a "sad face". If I put a "sad face" on the Naughty side, she yells "No, no, no, mommy. Cross that off. I'm nice now!" It really keeps her on her toes because Santa will be counting which side has more!!! Lots of stars equals more gifts! No, we are not afraid of using bribes. P.S. Our cat ate our fish.


Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Oh Carol, I just love your Emily even though I've never met her! I love reading about her and watching how much she has grown and changed. I hope someday she will get to meet our Lexi and the two of them together can rea


Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed some blog postings while we were away. Emily is hysterical ... the things that come out of that girl's mouth. She is precious and must keep you stitches everyday. She was too funny talking on the phone yesterday and going down the list of what Santa brought her for Christmas. You could tell she was beside herself with all the "goods". I'm sorry the cat ate the fish -- actually reached in and scooped it out?! Love, David & Pauline

kat said...

oh wow...she is soo cute. everything she says just cracks me up. i'm glad she liked all her gifts. christmas is so special with kids around. sorry bout the fish...we've been there. our cat knocked the bowl over then ate HALF the fish and left the other half on the couch. ugh. Love to you all!

-Little Quinns

Kris said...

i cannot stop laughing. i want to USE some of her phrases they are THAT good and this really makes me look forward to M-n-M acquiring more English!

sorry about the fish. :O( bet the cat isn't though.