Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October is a New Day

I am happy that it is October. Cooler nights, darker earlier and dark mornings. Emily will sleep later. This girl loves life. She wakes singing. When I go in to get her she says "good norming, it's a new perfect day". I could learn a lot from this child. What a great outlook to have. She always follow with "daddy not go work today-daddy stay home with mimi and mommy". I hate breaking her heart-sorry honey daddy will be home after. Her response "pretty soon daddy come home". She always puts a positive spin on things.
Two things are weighing heavy on my mind. I get all worked up watching CNN. I need Obama to win. I think he will. I just get scared seeing all the crazies saying crap. McCain is McCrazy in my book. And Sarah Palin. Well I'll just leave it at that. I cannot wait for elections to be over. I heart Obama. I've already taught Emily. Emily? Who are you gonna vote for? She shouts "OBAMA" with a little fist in the air. VOTE.
Now the second thing. The Tree Man. Coming on TV on Sunday on TLC at 7 central. I cannot wait to see this. Even if it was up against Obama singing "You're The One That I Want" to me from the Convention Center. I would have to blow him off. I am fascinated by the Tree Man. I can't wait to watch it. I can't get those pictures of his hands out of my mind. American doctors are helping him. I can't imagine what they will do. He has like wooden, rooty looking hands and woody growths on him. Not small woody hands. More like tree stumps. It's unbelievable. I keep going over it again and again in my mind. Suppose the fix is quite simple. Suppose it's like a little weed killer or something? I can't wait. I need help.
Well, thanks for listening. Enjoy the pictures and each other. Happy Fall. I miss you mom.


Anonymous said...

Good Norming to all of the Reeds! You are truly right, that little girl seems to love life. I'm going to try that starting tomorrow morning -- when I wake up I'm going to tell myself "it's a new perfect day"! Maybe it will have some bearing on my general outlook -- I'll let you know! Emily is so beautiful and growing so fast. I thought at first you had cut her hair, but it must be pulled back in some shots. I can't wait to see her again in person (and of course you and Bill). Too bad "daddy has to wok" -- maybe one of Emily's fans will offer her a modeling job and daddy can retire! I love the fall as well. It's my favorite season; nice sleeping weather (and I do love to sleep), the leaves on the ground, the colors. So, President "ObamaRama" huh? I guess ... when you consider your options. You're right about Sarah Palin though. Cripes, the Palins make our family look normal! The Tree Man? I never heard of him and I'm usually right up to date with obscure things like that -- I must have missed and issue of "People". Sounds interesting though -- I will have to try and remember to watch it (if it will be shown out here). Well enough posting tonight -- time to go watch the Red Sox who are currently down 2 games to 1. They sure haven't looked good the last 2games. I hope they got a good pep talk last night and are ready to play ball tonight. Thank you for the wonderful postings -- I really do love reading them and seeing the photos. Really, your commentaries are so good! Love, The Mellos xoxo

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I can't watch the news or listen to anything about either candidate -- I am so twisted up inside about it all!