Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our not so friendly Ike

Okay, September sucked too! We are thankful that we were all okay and the house was okay too. The only damage was outside. I thought I would be prepared mentally for the hurricane. You know, coming from New England and all. NEVER have I heard wind like that in my entire life. I was scared. When Ike finally left, and we stepped outside, I gasped and started crying. Until sensible Bill hugged me and said it was just stuff outside and all of it could be replaced. Most importantly he said, is that we are all okay and we are all together. Riley had left ahead of the storm. He was planning on going to New Orleans. He had to nix those plans pronto. He headed to Oklahoma(small detour) before continuing on his trip. Things are back to normal here. FEMA trucks came and carted off all the debris in our area. We still are waiting for our fence to be repaired. They're kinda busy. I feel very sad about Galveston. We were just there and now it's gone. Hard to believe. Well time to move to October and better days. I miss you mom.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Hurricane Emily ... oops, I mean Ike ... made a mess of your beautiful yard! Messy, messy. I'm glad it was just exterior damage though. Like Bill said, it can be replaced and you were lucky enough to be in one place so you could be scared together! Only kidding -- not a laughing matter. I'm sure you had the crap scared out of you. I would have thought the same thing, being a sturdy New Englander what's a little wind? That was not good -- I hope you (and us) don't see one of those again for a long time. Hogs & Kusses, D & P

Kristin said...

I've never been through a hurricane... so scary.

Listen, did you get your tank top??? I want to know if it's as cute as it appears!