Monday, September 21, 2009


I found the lipstick mommy! Sick baby. Crafting with Nina! Lunch time! Camping with Daddy-Free Music! Ready for school!
Going for the mail!


Anonymous said...

Emily is just too much! I agree with you -- a gift certificate to Lowes will definintely fit the bill. I think Bill will have his hands full after Christmas, what with installing ceiling fan, toilet seats and bedroom vanities. Emily, I love your "going to the mailbox" outfit. It beats mine by a longshot -- flannel lounge pants and a tee-shirt is what my neighborhood gets to see. I wonder what they'd think if I went out in a ballerina skirt and tiara -- call Taunton State maybe? How can you not love our Miss Emily -- she is extrapendous:) I will have to start on the Christmas list soon -- I don't want them to run out of blue toilet seats! Love, P & D

Jen on the Edge said...

Such joy!