Monday, September 21, 2009

Practical Emily

Is it too soon to think about Christmas? No? Good! Little Miss Em has been pondering those same thoughts. Four year old little girls love all things sparkly, princessy, and girly-twirly. We expected nothing less from our little one.
Emily obviously has other plans. Here is what she will be asking Santa to bring her.
1. A blue see through acrylic toilet seat for her bathroom.
2. A bathroom vanity for her bedroom.
3. A new ceiling fan that looks like a flower for her room.
4. A clock that says "it's seven o'clock, can you wake up".
No frills here. Pure practicality.
The blue toilet seat? Because it's blue. My favorite color. And it's see through!!! Jeepers!!
The bathroom vanity for the bedroom? Because it has doors. I can put books and things in it. And I can fit inside it. And close the doors! And, and, and it has a sink!!!!
The ceiling fan that looks like a flower? Because it's sooo pretty!
The clock? Because it tells you things and when to wake up!
Oh, in case you forget Emily? Highly unlikely!!!!!
The girl is very, very practical. Functionality here people. Riley said she still has time to ask for vinyl replacement windows!!! Hee hee!
We can't wait for her to sit on Santa's lap this year! I wish we could record it. We told her it was a very good list. I guess a gift certificate to Lowe's is in order?
Now for the language skills:
E. "Mommy this is tupendous!"
Me. "Emily, it's SSSSStu-pendous."
E. "oh, like one pendous, two pendous, three pendous."
Me. Bwahahahahahaha
Teaching moment-GONE! Laughter is really much better! And last, but not least.....
"Mommy I definate love you!"
My God we love her!!!

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Jen on the Edge said...

What a cute, funny little girl!