Monday, June 30, 2008

The CaCa-dile Hunter

Emily is really a sweet little girly-girl. See how sweet and pretty and girly-girly-ee she is ! Emily has another side. It is a little on the dark side. A small profession she has after supper. She likes to do this with daddy . I'm glad she has chosen him to help her with this detail work.She enjoys going on this little hunt with daddy and has asked me to photograph her finds so "mimi can see dat peeshure". Here is what she and daddy get on their hunt in the backyard.

I know, I know. That's pretty gross. But she likes to have chores, and this little beauty is one she particularly enjoys. When Bill comes in from work she gives him the run down. "Atta we eat daddy get shobel and mimi and daddy go find Nina's caca-kaaaaay?" (Nina is our dog, not a kid or housekeeper or gardener, our dog.) Honestly though she is a sweet little girly-girl. I have the pictures to prove it.

At breakfast Sunday morning, Bill made blueberry pancakes and sausages. We always make smiley faces with whipped cream on her pancakes . While she was eating she stopped and says" mommy (while pointing at the little brown sausage) that not caca, that not Nina caca." We cracked up, "no baby that's not caca on your plate, that's sausage." " dat sausg meat, mimi eat dat, caca not food, sausg meat food." Poor little girl thinks we'll put "caca" on her plate. I think we'll stick with bacon from now on!


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! I was sitting in my cubicle laughing out loud -- people must think I'm nuts for sure. God, don't take Mimi to IHOP or Denny's whatever you do! No sausage for you! What a strange little girl Mimi is -- cute but strange. Do you think the "caca-dile" hunting could be related to the potty training? Of all things to become so interested in ... Thanks for the laugh & the photos. What a precious girl our Mimi is. Skeezes & cusses, Auntie Pauline & Uncle David

mimi's mommy said...

She's been hunting since we got here. She feeds Nina, gets the mail(with daddy) and hunts! She also likes to "hep keen wit mommy". She loves her little chores...wait until she realizes it's work.