Thursday, June 26, 2008


I not happy. Oh honey, why are you not happy? I sad. Aaaw, why are you sad. Mimi bedda now! She loves this little game. Sometimes when she says she is sad she says "wanna cuddu (cuddle) now." Can't say that we don't like it! That little face is her practicing her "sad", but couldn't take the pop out of her mouth.

Another favorite of Emily's is...usually while we are eating she likes to see what we have in our plates. The she says " Mimi have dat". We always let her try and she always comes back with "I can't like it mommy". We think that's a very polite way of saying "whoa, that sucks mom!" We think that can work with just about anything. I'm gonna try it when people rub me the wrong way. Sorry, I can't like you! I tried, but I just can't.

And this my friends is the look of annoyance. Enough with the pictures already. If you happen to get that look...stand clear.


Anonymous said...

I so sad too Mimi ... I can't like work. I know just how you feel. Keep practicing your sad face though because it will come in handy when you get older! It's good that Emily will at least try different things & then determine if she can or can't like them. I think Emily is going to keep you and Bill young -- not a bad thing! I was missing the blog but I know how busy it's been so it's understandable. Thanks for the update & photos. Hogs & cusses, Pauline & David

Anonymous said...

Emily, it's so nice to see pictures of you and mommy and daddy too! God bless you and keep you safe! Love,
"aunty" Dawn