Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Horror

This beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, caring little darling, whom we lovingly refer to as Mimi, who kisses a piece of scotch tape before she puts it on my boo boos, has been a tad of a pest lately. Okay, make that a screaming little tyrant. Mimi has a favorite cd called *Jack's big music show*. Actually it's the soundtrack from the TV show on Noggin. She luuuuurves this cd. And, she longingly refers to the main character a "bubby jack". She always naps and falls asleep to this at night-so sweet. Alas, poor mommy and daddy-"bubby jack is brokinged"-there will be no sleeping in this house EVER! Do you hear me, can you see and feel my sadness, look at these tears and oh my, the heartache is just too much for a nearly-three-year-old to bare. How can you two possibly even begin to be sleepy when there is no music. The day the music died is one Bill and I will not soon forget.

This little nugget of a cd is not available in ANY stores. I searched on-line all day long. I found one-I can get expedited shipping-we're saved-oh blessed, blessed sleep will come. For approximately eleventy billion dollars I could have it on Tuesday! Lo and behold they lied-I could have it approximately JUNE NINETEENTH! Wait I'll pay another eleventy billion-please may I have that little morsel of music? NO MUSIC FOR YOU!

All is not lost. I found another. I ordered TWO. They will be arriving TODAY. I am going to give the *UPS* driver a massage when he brings the drugs, er, I mean the cds. I am closely tracking the package on their website. It's about 30 minutes away. Oh "bubby jack", I miss you so. We want our sweet little Miss Mimi back. That little tid-bit is why there have been no posts.


mimi's daddy said...

It all sounds so funny when you write about it Carol. But I know the truth - I know because my ears are still ringing from the sounds of the "shrieking mimi".

Anonymous said...

"Shrieking mimi" -- it sounds like a cocktail! Maybe we can invent one. Let's see ... put 1 oz. vanilla vodka and 1 oz. coconut rum into a blender, add 4 oz. of pineapple juice, 1 scoop of orange sherbert and a handful of ice cubes. Run blender until mixed well, adding more ice for the consistency you like. Pour into a glass and float some 151 rum on top! Let me know how a "shrieking mimi" tastes! Poor mimi with no "bubby jack". Thank goodness for the internet and "google searches" otherwise you'd be left calling every WalMart, Target, etc. countrywide and you would never sleep again! I do remember an incident when I was a child however regarding my precious, precious "Thumbelina" record -- the bright yellow record with the red label and the song I would play and sing to over and over and over (I hear you Mimi). Alas, one day the record mysteriously developed a crack in it and a couple of little jam-streaked fingerprints were left behind. I suspect it was "Brabra" because I don't think mom & dad cared for that song much and the littlest Therriens were just a thought in the back of dad's mind. You, you, you brat Brabra!!! Oh well, sweet dreams to all of the Reeds! Love, Nawnie & Davey xoxo