Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot

Today will be 96 degrees without the heat index! Come on down. Maybe a few pictures will entice you? Check out Bill and Mimi-same smile? Me thinks so too.

Emily is now enrolled in music class at *Gymboree*. We all go on Saturday mornings for 45 minutes. She loves it! She also has a little friend there. His name is Jackson. Emily calls him "Jacks". She loves all the "intamins" (instruments). Emily owns an accordian, a guitar, a small keyboard, a drum, maracas, tambourine, xylophone and a microphone. Do you think that's a good assortment? We do too. Apparently she does not. She asked Bill to buy her a "tumpit" (trumpit). The girl from Epanema keeps walking. And when she passes, each one she passes, goes Aaaaaah.

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Anonymous said...

...not only do they have the same smile, but they have the same eyes as well:) Like father, like daughter. My God, how tall is she now? It seems like Mimi has really shot up, unless the picture of her walking is deceiving because she looks quite tall in that one. Tall & tan & young & cute, Emily from Missouri City sashays around in her swimsuit & when she passes, "Jacks" glances and goes "aahhh". Good for Emily with all of those instamins -- I did notice the guitar in one photo and banging on something in another (love the hat). Does Emily appear to be leaning in any particular direction with the instamins at Gymboree? 96 degrees -- you should be ashamed of yourself rubbing that in. It was FREEZING here this morning -- the sun's out and it's nice but it had to be 40 degrees this morning. I'm still sitting here with a sweater on -- looking more like mom every day:) Got my deck planters done this weekend and all the mulch is spread -- yard is looking good. Now if only those durn flowers would come up! Hope all is well. Enjoy the pool! Love, David & Pauline xoxo