Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get to work

My boss and her whip. She does not like me on the "puter". She'd rather I stay in her kitchen. At least I was able to sneak in these two photos.

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Anonymous said...

Good Norming! Emily has a lovely kitchen. Stainless-steel appliances -- much nicer than mine, and she keeps it so neat and clean! Are you sure that's Emily's whip and not Bill's (you know, the one you use on Wednesdays and Saturdays). Let's not blame the child now! Again, love the photos but I know you're under a lot of pressure from mimi. Sorry Emily, but we're far, far away and since we can't see you in person mommy needs to send these so Nawnie & Uncle David can see how big you're getting, and how cute you are & how you swim & draw & help mommy with the garden so don't pick on mommy too much okay? Love to all of the Reeds! Pauline & David xoxo