Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mimi's moments

These are some of the many faces and talents of Emily. Her personality is larger than life. She has charisma. Strangers have told us that as we shopped. I've never known an almost three year old to have charisma. She just sucks you in with all her deliciousness. We love her sooo much. Sorry about the sideways ballerina-don't know how to fix that! The snowman project is a craft we did together. I made mine, gave her her supplies, and by looking at mine, that is what she produced. I thought it was amazing. She was only 30 months old! She is the best. Enough gushing.
Emily knows she is not supposed to run (you're gonna fall and make blood). Bill went for a walk with her the other night and a couple went jogging past them. Without hesitation Emily shouted "NO RUNNING". If she can't do it nobody can.

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