Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stars and Stripes Forever

A quickie post about a beautiful girl. Hope y'all had a nice weekend. We still have today together. We may head out to the zoo. Mimi would like to see some "yions, moonkeys, goreelas and raffs". Oh yeah, and what she really want is "ba-yoons". All the colores because she "yoves ba-yoons".

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful kid ... I can't get over her sometimes. Mimi has the greatest smile. Hope you got to go to the zoo and that Mimi was able to get some bay-yoons ... in all colors! I always loved the zoo when I was a kid -- I still love zoos though I don't go anymore. I'm glad Mimi loves animals, I do too and I hope she grows up loving them! Love, Pauline & David xoxo