Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Sunny Side of the Street

I hope I'm able to do this! The first photo is Bill and Mimi at Thanksgiving.(Emily at 29 mos., Bill at 630 months) To the right is mimi's "good norming" (she says that every morning) Those pics were still in Iowa. Now fast forward, Bill at 636 months and Mimi at 35 months! What a difference 6 months and sunshine makes. The last photo is where we will be today. It's supposed to be 92 and sunny today. By the way, we'll be there tomorrow too. It will be 93 and sunny. Gotta love the big "T". Hmmm, Pina Coladas anyone? Hope you enjoy the pics! Isn't she l-o-v-e-l-y!!!


mimi, mommy and daddy


Anonymous said...

Obviously I do not know what I'm doing. The first photo is Emily's "norming" picture. Then Thanksgiving.Love,The Management

Anonymous said...

The photos are great. The pool & sunshine seem to do wonders for mimi & daddy -- tanned and smiling (and no electric hair). Do we have an "Esther Williams" in the making? Emily is right mommy, the 2"lastics" make for a very cute baby! How about some photos of mimi's mommy? Thanks for the weather update - I needed that like hole in the head (raining here). Ask mimi to have a virgin colada for me. Love the blog!!! Hugs, kusses & szeez! Pauline & David