Friday, May 9, 2008

Pimp My Ride

and the fine art of fibbing by an almost three year old. Emily is getting rather heavy for me to lift. Now when I get her out of her crib I put the rail down. She thinks I'm "breaking mimi's bed". When Bill arrived home from work the other day, she greeted him at the door with "come see daddy, wook mommy breaked mimi's bed". She proceeded to scrunch her face up into her dramatic "kying pace" (crying face) for added effect. And the Oscar goes to Mimi! Every morning now she tells me "mommy break the bed, daddy come home fix it". Then every night when he gets home she tells him "mommy breaked the bed agin". She has the lies down pat, now I'll teach her sarcasm. Cutest little fibber we ever met.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the day has arrived when you can't do anything in front of your kid that you don't want the world to know about. Stop breaking mimi's bed mommy! What will Emily do when she gets her "big girl bed" -- she will think you bought her a broken bed. Oh boy, I have a feeling this child is going to be a master at playing one parent off the other. Love, Pauline & David